What can a great wood router offer?

wood routerIf you are a carpenter then you might face a common problem where you are unable to bring an accurate shape to an item. Carpenters also often face a huge amount of issues for that. They are unable to make many accurate tasks quickly and satisfy customers well.

Actually, accuracy is everything for any type of wood related task. And, it is also not an easy task to warrant precise shape efficiently. Therefore, a busy carpenter needs a convenient device which can easily cut the wood according to their desirable shape. This equipment is a wood router. This instrument makes a critical task more efficient. It also offers accuracy.

Generally, the routers can be operated by manually, electricity or battery. Among various types of routers available in the market, the most mentionable router is bosch 1617evspk. This is an excellent router that has excessive speed of 25000 Rotation per Minute and is operated by electricity.

Aspects of this router

There are surely some reasons for which it is considered a great router. This device has some exclusive characteristics which you can never find in other devices.

  • The number of holes present in Ra1161 is three. Ra1161 is a base whose category is fixed. This helps this device to be fixed easily on any table. Due to this reason, a task becomes easy.
  • The capacity of the motor of this device is 2.25 Horse Power per twelve amperes. This range of speed is very good and always stays constant.
  • The handles are ergonomic in nature. Due to this reason, the usage of its handle is very comfortable.
  • This instrument is also easy to operate.
  • Apart from these, the cost and durability are also two salient factors that make this device popular to users.

When you order this device, it comes to you in a complete package with useful accessories. These useful kits make both types of routing such as fixed and plunge possible.

The length, breadth and height of this product are 6.2 inches, 19.5 inches and 14.5 inches respectively.

The system by which it is adjusted termed as micro-fine. It generally helps the carpenters to get appropriate measurement.

In addition to, you can contact the company in case you find any kind of faults.

How to get started?

The package of this tool is brought to you with a manual which helps the user get all necessary information about this tool. So, the users should not start operating it without reading this user-friendly manual. The first thing that should be known is the operation of the various bases of this particular router. Different bases are used to cut the wood in different shapes. The first type of base is fixed which gives the wood a clear round structure. The second type of base is plunge which gives the wood a structure like T-slots.

Advantages of this router

This product has some outstanding advantages, which are:

  • This tool supports two types of bases which are plunge and fixed.
  • It is operated by a motor which is very powerful.
  • The range of speed is very effective.
  • Affordable as well as long-lasting.
  • Comes with many eye-catching designs.
  • Offers accurate measurement.

So, this Bosch router is not only a useful tool for a busy carpenter, but also a leading product available in the market.