Tips To Purchase the Ideal Band Saw

Band SawA band saw is certainly an aptly named machine, since the actual blade remains in place due to pulleys and revolves in circular motions. Such saw are employed by woodworkers if and when they engage in curve cutting, re-sawing, cutting tenons, cutting rabbets, ripping pieces of stock and round cutting. In fact, owing to the efficiency of these machines it is highly recommended that every wood worker should possess a premium quality band saw machine.

Considering the wide range of band saws available today, it can be said without doubt that choosing among them is an extremely difficult task, as one can easily make a mistake and purchase an inappropriate machine. To ensure that you do not commit the mistake of purchasing the wrong band saw you should certainly browse through tips to purchase and go through bands saw reviews. The tips listed below will undoubtedly help you make a fully informed decision and purchase the best band saw.


Band saws can be divided into two common types, the first being the cabinet model and the second being smaller mountable units. The former need not be mounted atop a surface and it stands on the floor whilst functioning. This variant is ideal for professionals who require an extremely heavy duty band saw. Home based woodworkers or those who pursue it as a hobby will find that the second variant is suited to them and their usage.

Quite apparently, cabinet variants offer a wider variety of features and boast larger motors. Their frames are sturdier which facilitates consistency during cutting. However, this does not mean that smaller mountable machines do not deliver professional quality.


Throat and depth of cut are the primary features one should consider whilst trying to narrow down the options available. The throat refers to the distance from the vertical frame area of a band saw’s body to its blade. This distance indicates the width of any cut for which the saw will be used. In cabinet variants the throat is of more than 12 to 14 inches, which is typically the standard throat offered in smaller mountable variants.

Depth of cut refers to the distance from the guides of the upper blade to the table. This distance has been deemed extremely important and a majority of buyers consider only this feature and make their purchase. Thicker stock can be cut when the distance is more hence; this variant is preferred by professionals. If however, you feel the smaller mountable version would be right for you, you should consider that some saws with a mere 6 inch depth can be extended to a total of twelve inches.


An important consideration is posed in the form of the motor of a band saw. A majority of smaller models boast anywhere between a 3/4hp to 1hp motor. Larger variants on the other hand boast variable speeds. Additional, speed and power help while cutting hard plastics and metals.

Now that you know the three most important considerations to make read band saw reviews that list specifications, ratings and performance delivered.