Things to know before buying a sump pump

Sump pump with backup batteryMany people live in the low-lying areas where basement flooding is a common phenomenon. A sump pump is needed by those people to keep the basement dry and to pump out accumulated water from the basement. A sump pump is installed, ​either above or beneath the floor of the basement. The collected water in the sump basin is pumped by sump pump out of your house. People with no flooding problem in their house do not need a sump pump. But, if the basement of your house floods then some steps should be taken by you to correct this problem. Buy a well-reviewed and high quality sump pump to get the value for your money.

There are many houses where dampness is common in summer and basement flooding is common in monsoon or winter. But this problem can be solved even before installing a sump pump. When an agent will show you a new house to buy, check the basement at first to get sure about its condition. If an active sump pit, pump or high-water marks on the walls is noticed by you, walk-away from that house instantly before touring the other areas of it. All sorts of problems beyond water such as mold, rust, rot and unhealthy air inside your house are caused by a wet basement. So, you have to be conscious before buying a house to avoid experiencing basement flooding in the near future.



Selecting sump pumps

You will surely need a sump pump if you are experiencing serious water problem. Some tips are given below so that you can choose the right sump pump for your requirements.

  • If you have a spacious sump basin then you must select a submersible sump pump over a pedestal one. The sump pit is allowed to be covered with a lid by submersible sump pumps so that noise can be reduced and debris does not fall into the sump pit. Moist air is prevented from getting into your home by an airtight lid of the sump pit.
  • Never opt for a plastic made sump pump. Purchase a sump pump which is made up of cast iron. Heat can be dissipated to the surrounding water with the help of cast iron which also helps to increase the lifespan of your sump pump.
  • Buy a sump pump with an impeller and a no-screen intake design to reduce the chance of clogs. Solids up to ½ inch in diameter can be handled by such sump pump.
  • Purchase a sump pump that has mechanical switch but not a pressure switch. It should also have a solid float so that you can avoid the risks of water logging, burning and failing to switch off.
  • Buy a sump pump with an alarm so that you can be alerted when the water crosses a certain level.
  • It will be a good idea to install a secondary pump right next to your sump pump in case of emergency.

Consider these above mentioned things before buying a sump pump.