Some good router tables reviewed

router tableWoodworking is a very critical task, but you may not always be able to give a precise shape to the wood? However, this problem can be easily solved. A router table is a tool that makes the cutting method more accurate.

A professional woodworker is well aware about the usage of a router. However, this is not everything about woodworking. A router cannot give you a proper shape at all times. In any type of woodworking, the shape is an essential factor which must be considered. Basically, a router is incomplete without a table. When it comes to bring more accuracy to your work then these tables are no doubt a salient gadget. Generally, a router is placed or fixed on this table and offers it exclusive support. This table also provides safety to the user. Additionally, there is a low chance of an accident of any sort, if you use these tables.

Excellent router tables for you

With many bright aspects, these tables are available in different shapes and eye-catching designs. There are also different brands available in current market and each of them has a unique specification. Customers should recognize their requirements first and then go for purchasing one. Here are the descriptions of some best router table, given below:

  • Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table – The cabinet is the exceptional aspect of this table. It is used as a storage device. This versatile device gets excellent feedback from its users due to some exclusive benefits. It works without making much noise. If your workshop is at your home, then this is good to use. The wood pieces, which are excessively large, are easy to handle with this table due to its large fence. This fence is made of aluminum. There is no hassle of wiggling because the legs of this table are made of metal. Additionally, it has two ports which are used for collecting the dust.
  • Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System – This is highly recommended by many experts. The feature which differentiates this table from others is that the shape of the fence is like T-square. Due to this, the collection of dust is easy. The level of the vibration, as well as noise is very low because its edges are bent. The plate which is used on this table can be able to accommodate the routers of all shapes. This table also increases accuracy. The parts of this tool are made of steel which makes it long-lasting.
  • SKIL RAS900 Router Table – The most salient aspect of this device is that it is possible to fold. For this reason, it can be easily stored, as well as assembled. All essential tools are supplied with this table. This table features a pair of featherboards which offer accuracy in cutting. Preassembling is very easy. This is why it is a good device for beginners.
  • Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table – This particular device is good for beginners or those people who do woodworking as a hobby. The fence of this table is made of aluminum and is very tall. So, they can be easily used for cutting long pieces of wood.