Pros and Cons of Electric Chainsaw

electric chainsaw reviewChainsaws had been useful for logging since ages. Before electric chainsaws were introduced in the market, gasoline driven models were used. Gradually when the electric chainsaws were introduced people started using them. This was mainly because there were many advantages that one gets by using the best electric chainsaw. Being power tools the chainsaws are mainly used for cutting large trees. Much energy is needed for this, and in these electric driven chainsaw, it becomes easier to cut the big trees.  There are many reasons that makes electric chainsaw favorite among the wood cutters. Along with having advantages, there are certain disadvantages too that are associated with electric chainsaw. You may find it out in reading electric chainsaw reviews.

Pros of electric Chainsaw

There are many advantages of using electric chainsaw over any other type, specially the gasoline driven models. They are summarized as below

  • Electric versions of chainsaw are much smaller, easily manageable, and lighter than the gasoline driven ones. This makes it possible even for the laymen to use it in their home. Even maintenance of these chainsaws is easier than the petrol driven models.
  • They are environment friendly too as they do not emit any toxic gases into the environment.
  • When you use an electric chainsaw there are less risk of kickback that sometimes can be life threatening too. It has potentiality of life threatening when saw’s bar jerks towards the user specially if it gets stuck to some obstruction.
  • As the electric chainsaw consumes less power than the gasoline driven models there are lower chances of making a kickback.
  • The user does not have to wait for the chainsaw to cool down for refueling. All that they have to do is plug the chainsaw with ant power plug.
  • Even the electric chainsaw are much easy to start compared to their gasoline driven counterparts. They are less noisy too. Hence, these can be easily used in the quiet neighborhood.
  • The last but not the least being portable, storing the electric chainsaw is very easy.

Cons of Electric Chainsaws

Although the above advantages would be very alluring for anyone to use electric chainsaws, but you must know about the drawbacks too before you start using it. The cons of it are

  • The first disadvantage of using the electric chainsaw is its power. When compared to gasoline driven chainsaw, it has much less power. Gasoline chainsaw has two cycle engines, hence can exert more power. Thus, they are not good for felling heavy loads. Moreover they are equipped with smaller cutter bars that are of 8 to 15 inches size.
  • Even the power cord has to be connected to any electric power source> the mobility of the device would hence depend upon the length of the cord. It may not always be possible for nay user to use it far away from their home or any other source of electric supply.
  • Apart from that as these chainsaws are designed for the maximum amount of safety it becomes difficult to clean the various parts of the device.