How to select self-propelled lawn mowers?

self-propelled lawn mowerA lawn mower is very important equipment for any household. Choosing the right self-propelled lawn mower is not as easy as you might think. Though the modern mowers look similar to old models, they are hardly the same. Nowadays, modern engineering advances are making mowing easier than ever before. As there are so many brands and models available in the markets, it is hard to select the appropriate one. It is quite difficult to know that which models offer best features at an affordable price. Thus, the self propelled lawn mower reviews will be helpful for choosing the best mower among the many.

Front-wheel drive mowers are often less expensive than the rear-wheel drive models. While the front-wheel drive system is ideal for flat lands, rear-wheel drive system is best for both flat and uneven lands. The wheels must be firmly planted on the ground in order to propel forward. When you lift the front or when the wheels bounce up off the turf, front wheel becomes useful. The rear-wheels are always grounded. They provide exceptional traction control and maneuverability. Rear-wheel drive is always great on hills, as extra power is needed to climb the steep hills.

Depending on the conditions of the lawn or on your physical condition, adjustable speed settings allow you to go faster or slower. Some day, you may feel like racing through your lawn, while other days you take your time for mowing. Adjustable speed settings help to deliver a more even cut. A self-propelled mower with one speed either mulch clippings very well or it may go too fast to cut tall or thick grass evenly. A hydrostatic drive with cruise control helps to provide the ultimate service in luxury.

When it comes to start your lawn mower, there are two options – recoil start and electric start. Recoil start mowers start by the traditional, pull-rope style. You have to pull the cord to turn the engine over to start the mower. Whereas, the electric start mowers require no pulling to start. You only have to turn a key or push a button to get the mower running. Electric start mowers are better suited to users.

Proper maintenance of the mower will help it to perform like new and increase the overall longevity of the ownership. A wash-out port on the mower deck helps to maintain the mower with much ease. You just have to hook up a garden hose to the port and turn it on. Wash out all the grass clippings from inside of your deck and blades that will help your mower to look like new. Most of the self -propelled lawn mowers automatically turn off after it is being used. A blade override system allows the engine to keep running. It safely disengages the blade from spinning while not in use.

Nowadays, smart manufacturers are installing swivel front wheels for steady performance on the mowers. They are engineering these wheels for better manoeuvrability and to keep the wheels fixed, where they belong on the mower.

Thus, the buyers are advised to opt for a mower only after having a detailed review of it.