Get the best air compressor reviews

best air compressorChoosing a perfect air compressor for yourself that matches your level of expectations is a very tough job. To help you with this difficulty, many air compressor reviews are given in many different sites. These reviews are made to help you to take the right decision at the time of purchase of the air compressor. You can consider buying an air compressor due to various reasons like applying paint on the walls with the help of airbrush, to remove sawdust or may be just to remove the dry leaves from your lawn. Below you will find different types of portable air compressor.

What is the need portable air compressor?

In many reviews for air compressors, you will find about the features of different types of air compressors, but here the major concentration is given in the part of portable, light weighted, powerful nature of the compressor. A portable compressor is needed in many different ways. Some of the common users are given below:

  • Industrial plants use it to alter different kinds of chemicals and to smooth the manufacturing process.
  • Motor owner need it to maintain a steady and constant tire pressure.

It is also used in many other different kinds of purposes so; it is advisable to buy a compressor which will last for a long period of time. Below you will find many types of compressors and their features.


You may have read about the reciprocating compressor in many air compressor reviews. Actually this compressor is based on the pressure of air. This kind of air compressor increases and decreases the air pressure by reducing and increasing the volume of air respectively. Air is restricted in a small covered and tight chamber, where the pressure is elevated. There are two type of this air compressor. One is single action which uses only one piston and other is double action which uses dual piston. These are generally used in natural gas processing, manufacturing of plastic bottles and chemical plants.

Rotary screw:

The mechanism of this type of compressor is a lot like reciprocating compressor. But the only difference is this that it’s made up of two rotor and no valves. Rotors can compress the air internally. Since they don’t have any valve, they are water, oil or air cooled device. It can do a lot of heavy work continuously without getting overheated. They are also very easy to maintain, have a long lasting life and can produce a smooth output of continuous stream of air. These are used in different industrial operation and water treatment service.


This compressor works in a dynamic nature. The rotating impeller transfers the energy. This type of compressor produces more fuel and air than the other two due to the fast rotation speed of the centrifugal compressor. Centrifugal compressor is generally used in almost all type of gasoline, diesel powered vehicles. In short, this is generally used by motor owners in various operating and manufacturing purpose.

Above there are three common types of air compressor with their specification and use. You can choose one of them for your own need. These compressors can further be précised by their design, colour, lubricant and different methods of cooling.