Buying a lawn mower? Here’s something top know!

Electric lawn mowerA lawn mower is basically a machine that uses rotating blades of a fan to cut grass of your lawn to an even height. The blades may be operated by electrical machine or it may be just a hand driven mechanical machine. Some lawn mowers also have an internal combustion engine to run it.

Based on the design of the blades used to cut grass, lawn mowers can further be divided into two categories. One consists of a single blade that rotates about a single vertical axis is known as rotary mower. The other consists of multiple blades and the assembly rotates on a single vertical axis known as cylinder or reel mowers. So, considering this wide variety of lawn mowers here a buying guide is provided for you to find the best lawn mower.

Types of lawn mowers
Electric lawn mower – Electric lawn mowers are generally small in size, saves a little room for you in your garage. Battery run cordless electric lawn mowers use lithium ion battery or lead acid batteries. Battery run lawn mowers also help you to cut without any external cord. You can mow your lawn without worrying about the range of your mower, as you don’t have to use any external cord to power your lawn mower.

So, before buying an electric mower always check the weight of the battery, as good electric lawn mowers have light weight batteries to make it mobile. An electric lawn mower with battery should have a good battery with large enough battery life and the battery used in the lawn mower should be charged in quick time. Electric lawn mowers generally contain a bag to store the grass and also come with a self-start safety feature and a self-propeller mode, to make your lawn mowing work easier for you.

Manual lawn mowers – These kinds of lawn mowers are the cheapest of the lot and best suitable for small sized lawns. Also, manual lawn mowers don’t have any engines to run it. So, these are free of noise and pollution. These light weight lawn mowers come with varieties of customizable features like handle length settings and blade height adjustment. If the sharpness of the manual lawn mowers is maintained carefully, these can give you very neat lawn mowing experience. Though with manual lawn mowers, it can be difficult to cut grass near the edges of tree or something hard.

Gas lawn mowers – These types of lawn mowers use an internal combustion engine to run it. These are not in much use nowadays, as gas lawn mowers pollute the environment.

Gas lawn mowers

Riding lawn mowers – These lawn mowers are used to mow a large lawn. Riding lawn mowers may use an electric source or a gas powered source to run. A riding lawn mower is loaded with varieties of features like zero turning radiuses with steering and cruise control.
As mowing your lawn regularly is very important, so buying a perfect a lawn mower for your garden or lawn is even more important. Before buying a lawn mower, please go through the guide and help yourself buy the perfect lawn mower for you and your garden.