Best Band Saw Reviews to Find Quality Band saws

Band SawBand saws are of great help in precise wood cutting. Creating perfect and lovely curves, cutting rabbets and tenons to join pieces of wood, ripping stock pieces, and re-sawing slivers of wood from large pieces can be done in a jiff using this woodworker’s best friend.  Reading band saw reviews comes in handy when finding quality band saws.

You will find two major types of band saws in the market. Of course, it is important to consider your need for it before making the purchase.  Mountable models are best suited to DIY junkies and to home-based whittlers and woodworkers. These are shorter and somewhat portable models that may be mounted on a bench, a table, or a workstation.

Floor-standing cabinet models were created specifically to cater to professionals. They boast of more features and have bigger motors as compared to the smaller mountable ones. Moreover, they have sturdier frames that help in consistent precise cutting. Bear in mind, however, that this does not mean professional results cannot be achieved by using the smaller models. It all boils down to how one uses the tool.

As mentioned earlier, there are important things to bear in mind before going out and getting a band saw:

The saw’s throat and depth of cut

Most band saws are marketed using this information alone. This is measured from the upper blade guides to the table. It is quite straightforward as it tells what maximum stock thickness the saw can cut. Some six-inch models include optional risers to add another six inches to the original six. Since the riser is an add-on, it is not farfetched that several affordable saws are able to accommodate thicker stock for re-sawing.

The band saw motor

Most portable models have motors that range from 3/4 to a full horsepower (hp). On the other hand, professional units have bigger motors with varying hp segments. The maximum speed matter little to professionals, however, as slower speeds than the maximum are ideal when it comes to cutting metals as well as tough plastics.

Band saws have cast iron, steel, or aluminum alloy tables that may be tilted up to 45 degrees to allow angled cuts. Normally, the table is 16 inches by 16 inches and has a miter track. It is recommended to watch out for band wheels having brushes on their tires intended to maintain the wheels’ cleanliness. One with a dust port is preferred as well for the ease of tidying.

Life would be easier if everybody read the manual, and this step is critical in setting your equipment up. Several minute adjustments have to be made to take advantage of the tool’s maximum potential. Dulling the blades is highly likely if the saw is not set up properly. Incorrect tension and blade guide adjustments may eventually lead to the blades breaking as well. Apart from setting it up, one can get familiarized better in using the saw through perusing the manual.

It is not a secret that band saws need more attention in setting them up. However, note that safe use and optimal performance can only be achieved if the tool is put up properly.

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