A peek into the best weed killers at present!

weed killerKeeping that garden in proper shape can be quite a task, especially with weeds getting into the way. When you get out there, you soon realise that it is not only weeds but a huge number of other unwanted plants that are causing trouble. Therefore, what you need is an efficient weed killer that will take care of the situation and leave you in a more relaxed state of mind. Weed killers come in many different forms like powder, sprays, or mixed with fertilizers.
Now, there are plenty of weed killers out there, so if you are looking for one it will seem like you have got yourself quite a task at hand! However, don’t be confused as listen below are some of the few steps that you can undertake in order to find the perfect weed killer.

• Firstly, narrow down your search by knowing what type of weed killer you are looking for. Weeds can be classified into two broad categories – broad leaf and grass leaf.
• Decide on whether you want to kill only the weeds or also the plants next to it.
• You may want to use a weed killer that has fewer chemicals in it so that it does not harm your garden and vegetables.

Some of the best weed killers that are available in the market are:

• Garden Safe 93179-1 16-Ounce Neem Oil –
This weed killer is available in a case pack of one and also in a case pack of twelve. It can be safely used on roses, flowers, ornamental trees, shrubs, houseplants, fruits and vegetables. It is great for controlling black spots, rust and powdery mildew. It also controls white flies and other insect pests.

• Reward Herbicide Broad Spectrum Aquatic –
This weed killer works best for submersed weeds and is especially effective on elodea, and duckweed. It is highly recommended for ponds and along lakeshore areas.

• Roundup 5705010 Extended Control Weed and Grass Killer Plus Weed Preventer Concentrate Bottle –
This weed killer has a dual-action formula so it works two ways. It kills weeds and grasses right down to the root. It also forms an invisible boundary which prevents extra weeds from growing on the sides. It has the advantage of becoming rain proof in just half an hour. Visible results can be seen in just twelve days!

• Bonide Products 069 Sedge Ender Crabgrass & Nutsedge Killer-
Though this weed killer specialises in weed killing, it is very effective on crabgrass and nuts edge weeds. It can be used for both pre and post emergent control of both these types of weeds. It may also be used for goose grass, foxtail and all types of sedges.

The advantages of weed killers are that they are weed specific. Having an idea of what type of weed killer you would need is extremely beneficial to you. There are plenty of specific weed killers online. It is a great idea to check out the reviews too!